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Special Women's Day

Special Women's Day

Dear users,

The International Women's Day (commonly referred to Women's Day) is approaching. It occurs on 8 March every year to commemorate both the social achievements of women and economic policies, both the discrimination andviolence which they have yet declared in many parts of the world. On 8 March is thusa day of reflection for all, but also the time when we shall meet with friends and you make dinner, chatting together. Beyond how everyone thinks and value to this day,remember that even the food, gives us some precious ingredients, the flower symbol to remind us of this event. The Mimosa. Its bright yellow color is found inmany ingredients, and many tasty recipes (from appetizer to dessert) I have prepared in the section "The Menu Nuxia but not only" (Click on the title). And, yousee that by reading the recipes I chose for you, this year no movie theater or restaurant, but we cook together at home?

Ps. But if you have any your special recipe on this topic send it to the address foundin "Contact Nuxia - Contatti". As always will be published in "Your Recipes".

On this occasion, I make a wish for joy and happiness to all women in the world,remembering that she really should be celebrated every day of the year, with loveand affection that men should always remember to give us.

Nuxia's  menu but not only

Mimosa Cocktal                    
( This recipe is By Nuxia )


1/2 orange juice ice
1/2 iced Brut sparkling Montelera

Prepare the mimosa into the glass stirring gently.
Recipe of the 2012/02/29

Mimosa buck's fizz
( This recipe is By Nuxia ) 


4/10 orange juice
6/10 chilled champagne

Pour the juice into a flute first, then the champagne.
Recipe of the 2012/02/29

Eggs mimosa

( This recipe is By Nuxia ) 


canned tuna

Boil uova.farle cool and remove the shell, after which taglierle in half and remove the yolk. Some egg keep aside for decoration. Apart from mixing and mix the yolk (keep aside a little for the final decoration) tuna, mayonnaise, capers, anchovy. Fill the hollows of the eggs with the help of an advanced egg cucchiano.Il put it in agarlic press and schiacchiarlo above the eggs themselves.Recipe of the 2012/02/29

(This recipe is By Nuxia )


250g fresh egg pastry for lasagna
4 ripe tomatoes
4 hard boiled eggs
extra virgin olive oil

Cut into squares of fresh pasta in plenty of boiling salted water. Drain the pieces of dough with the spider, allargateli on a towel and let cool (you can bake the dough a couple of hours before). Reduce sliced ​​tomatoes, put them in a dish and let marinate with salt, pepper and oil. Sliced ​​2 hard boiled eggs, down with the equip. Assemble the lasagna in individual plates, placing some in each square of dough overlapping, alternating with slices of tomato drained from marinade. Add the marinade and stir in the pesto. Then add the sliced ​​egg, and topped with pesto sauce. Serve the lasagna dishes, garnished with crumbled boiled eggs (the 2 remaining whole, coarsely chopped), a drizzle of extra virgin raw, salt and pepper.
Recipe of the 29/02/2012


( This recipe is By Nuxia ) 
900 g topside of veal 
80 g canned tuna 
3 egg yolks 
dry white wine 
a lemon 
olive oil 

PreparationHeat the pressure cooker, 2 tablespoons of oil with a sprig of rosemary and sage.Brown the meat, stirring until it is colored on each side. Add salt, pepatela, then sprinkle with half a glass of white wine. Close the pot and cook for 20 'since he is under pressure, then remove the roast and let it cool. Cut into thin slices you will place on a serving platter, intercalandole with lemon slices (for garnish). Sprinkle with a hard-boiled egg yolk sieved. Serve with a sauce prepared by grinding together the tuna, the remaining yolks, 6 tablespoons of olive oil, salt and pepper and garnish with parsley.
Recipe of the 2012/02/29 
( This recipe is By Nuxia ) 

1.5 kg Asparagus  
a leek 
2 eggs 
butter and Parmesan cheese to the pan and brown the top 
For the cheese sauce: 
300 g milk 
60 g fontina cheese 
15 g butter 
15 g white flour 
grated parmesan cheese


Peel the asparagus, depriving them of the woody part of stalks. Then boil them in a little salted water and drain still slightly al dente. Put the eggs to thicken while, letting it cook for 10 'exact start boiling. Remove from leek leaves unchecked 6, choosing the most external, long and green. Half a minute to blanch them in lightly salted water. Divide the asparagus into 6 equal piles, each tied with a strip, converted from a leaf of leek. Draw the bunches to the stems, then arrange in a baking dish and, even better, in a baking dish that can go on the table, duly greased. Prepare the sauce: mix the butter with the flour, softened this roux with cold milk poured flush, so bring on the heat and let sauce simmer for about 10 ', then add the cheese in small cubes, one tablespoon of Parmesan and a pinch of salt. Make sure the cheese is completely melted, then remove from heat and liberally sauced bunches of asparagus, leaving tips uncovered. Garnish with pieces of butter and a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese; past the grill just long enough to brown the preparation.Complete with "mimosa", that is, sprinkling it all with eggs, hard boiled, passed through a sieve. (Please note that to prevent the egg from breaking during cooking, some suggest adding a pinch of salt in boiling water)
Recipe of the 2012/02/29


( This recipe is By Nuxia ) 

Sponge cake: 
225 g sugar 
225 g  flour 
6 eggs 
a teaspoon of vanilla extract
butter and flour for the mold 
For the filling and serve:
400 g fresh cream 
350 g custard 
Grand Marnier 
icing sugar


Sponge cake: mounted eggs with sugar and a pinch of salt to obtain a foam swollen Gently stir in the flour and vanilla, setacciandole. Transfer the mixture into a springform pan (ø cm 28), buttered and floured, then bake at 180 ° C for 25-30 '.Turn out the cake and let cool on a wire rack. Rifilatela cap-shaped. Divide it into three discs and brush them with Grand Marnier. Combined with the cream 200 g of cream, mounted; stuffed with it the two layers of the cake back together. Polish also outside with liquor,  spread over the remaining cream and then the other 200 g of cream, mounted with 20 g of granulated sugar. Sprinkle the surface with cuttings of sponge, in very fine crumbs, and passed the cake in the fridge. Serve with powdered sugar.
Recipe of the 2012/02/29

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