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Paste Simple brisée and Paste strudel

Pasta Simple brisée 
and Paste strudel

This week continues the journey to discover the solid mixtures. We'll focus on pasta brisée and its many variants. In the last post on the dough for pies and tarts, we learned, how to get the brisée pasta with eggs, much less known, but often used by food retailers. Today, however, speak of paste brisée common, ie without the use of eggs in its preparation. From record that mixes solid, have the common characteristic of being able to inter-change at will the basic ingredients: Eggs, butter and flour. We can thus obtain mixtures even if several different categories, depending on the strength of the ingredients, or the substitution or omission of these. And 'then prepare such subject, the pastry with flour other than wheat: For example, replacing the white flour with barley flour or rice flour, whole wheat flour. In some cases, however, it is necessary for these meals must be associated in part with others, so that the gluten in them will be strengthened, and the dough is pliable.It is also possible to prepare mixtures of solids, such as Pastry and Pasta brisée, replacing the butter with other fats. For example: lard (which we know is not very healthy, although commonly used in cooking), extra virgin olive oil, which is especially recommended in healthy eating, seed oil, sunflower oil corn, and so on.

-  Brisée Paste
The pasta is a pasta without eggs brisée very crisp. Though it may seem "light" for the absence of eggs, cooked on its own requires a lot of attention. It should be applied thin enough, or is likely to remain harsh due to the lack of moisture that is precisely the eggs, in all other mixtures. Below is the recipe:

Brisée paste without eggs:


225g flour 00
140 g cold butter
cold water q.b.
a pinch of salt

With a knife cut into small pieces of cold butter, chalk in hand the butter with the sifted flour, butter and flour together or just rubbing the fingertips of hands. When butter and flour are well blended, add water and work quickly so as not to develop too much gluten shirt (which would make the dough too elastic and fibrous). Shape into a ball, wrap in plastic wrap and let rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator before the dough stenderla.Stendere brisè in a hard, not too thin, and with this, a mold lined tart or cake tin roof, poking the bottom with a fork and fill with the stuffing.

-  Strudel  Paste
The paste is Stüdeli is nothing but the pasta brisée, in some recipes is made based on oil and not butter, and his pastry should be very thin and very crispy. Need to wrap and hold the fruit filling inside. Strudel is a typical dessert of South Tyrol in Italy.But you know, a bit all over the world with its variants, sweet or salty. Below is the recipe.

 Strudel  Paste


For the dough:
125g flour
75 g of water

10 g of vegetable oil

1.5 g of salt

Mix flour, salt, olive oil and add the water little by little. Outputs an elastic dough. Put it in an oiled bowl and let rest, covered with foil, 1 hour and 30 'in the fridge.

If you want to discover the tempting recipes with pasta or pasta strudel brisée You do not have to visit the section "More recipe" for sweets, and "Menu nuxia and not only" for the salt (you can click directly on these titles).

- The recipes of: "Your Recipes" and "More Recipes"

(This recipe By Nuxia )



flour 00 g 250 
150 g butter 
50 g sugar, a little more '
flour of spelt 50 g 
50 g fresh cream 
1 egg 
half a packet of vanilla
peeled roasted hazelnuts 
Filling and decoration:
fresh raspberries g 130 
70 g butter plus a little '

Pastry: work the two flours with the soft butter into small pieces, add sugar gradually, then the cream, egg yolk, vanilla, hazelnuts 3 crushed in a mortar with a teaspoon ofsugar and a pinch of salt. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap and let rest in refrigerator for 30 '. Stuffing: mount the soft butter with icing sugar and a pinch of salt, thenincorporate the almond flour and egg (butter mousse. Keep from part 3 ofraspberries, pureed others with the sugar and incorporate the butter mousse(stuffing). Roll out the pastry to 4 mm and with it a mold lined with fluted tart movable(diameter cm 24), trimming the dough circonferenza.Distribuite along the (stuffing)into the mold, cover with a round of apple slices, place at the center 3 raspberries,sprinkle with a little brown sugar, brush with melted butter and bake at 180 ° C for 45 'or so. Serve with icing sugar.

Recipe of 2012/01/23

Lemon Meringue Pie with (U. S. A.)

(This recipe is Wandy - California)

Short pastry tart filled with lemon cream and topped with meringue.

Ingredients for 4 people:

500 g of puff pastry stretched thin

3 eggs

160 g of sugar

100 g of butter
1 Lemon
  Salt q.b.

Coated the pastry bag with a cake before baking paper of onfezionecover withdried beans and cook in oven at 180 ° C for about 20 minutesBaked the cake, remove the vegetables and, if necessary, take a few minutes of baking. Prepare the cream: cream the butter to work with 100 g of sugar, the yolks incorporated.Enriched with the juice of one lemon and grated rind of both. Whip 2 egg whites until stiff well with 60 g of sugar and a pinch of salt. The baked pastry stuffed with lemon cream and garnish with tufts of meringue helping with a pastry bagPass the cakeunder the grill for a few minutesthe time required for the meringue just take color. 
Recipe of 2012/01/20

(This recipe is by Andrea McB. - New Jersey)

Strudel pastry filled with cream cheese and yoghurtenriched with banana slices.

Ingredients for 6 persons:
300 g of pasta brisée
a jar of yogurt banana 125 g
an egg
a dl of Milk
50 g of sliced ​​almonds
250 g of Ricotta
2 bananas
150 g of dark chocolate
100 g of sugar
q.b. Powdered sugar

Roll out the dough with his brisée baking paper on a work planSwitch the mixeryogurt with cottage cheese, egg yolk and sugarWhip the egg whites into the mixture and incorporateSpread the cream on the pastryleaving a border all around of a free and distribuitevi cm above the banana slices. Sprinkle almondflakesroll the pastry and seal well. Put the strudel into a baking dish lined with paper which was wrapped in puff pastry and bake in a preheated oven at 400F for about 35-40 minutesMeanwhile, melt the chocolate in a double boilerand Incorporat milk. Serve the strudel warm or cold, accompanied by hot chocolate sauce and dusted with powdered sugar.
Recipe of 2012/01/19

Strudel with walnuts and apples
(This recipe 
By Nuxia )
A different way to prepare the dough strudel, but a flavor that brings to mind, the territory of Trentino Alto Adige


For the dough:
250 g of flour
1 egg
2 tablespoons olive oil
For the filling:
200 g of walnuts
1 cup whole milk
150 g of honey
1 lemon.
To finish:
1 egg yolk

Prepare the pastry on work surface knead all the ingredients listed until a smooth mass and soft, adding warm water if necessary. Heat a large bowl with boiling water, dry it, Flip it over the dough so that the cover well and let it rest for about 1 hour. In a bowl, thoroughly mix the walnuts peeled and minced well with milk, honeyand grated peel of limone.Con a rolling pin roll out the dough to a thickness of one centimeter working very little flour, lay the dough on a kitchen towel with the fingertipsthin edges of the dough, being careful not to break it, spread the filling over the nuts.Helping with the towel if you roll the dough on a baking sheet with the appropriatestessa.Foderate dampened paper, giving it a slight recline strudel shape of a horseshoe. Brush the cake with the egg yolk diluted in a little milk and bake in apreheated oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minuti.Ritirate, let the cake rest 5 minutes, transfer it on a serving dish and serve warm or at room temperature in slices.
Recipe of 2012/01/18

Apple Strudel (Trentino Alto Adige)
(This recipe  By Nuxia )
A classic Italian pastry of Trentino Alto Adige.

For the dough:
125g flour
75 g of water
10 g of vegetable oil
1.5 g of salt
For the filling:
750 g apples pippin type
30 g of raisins
20 g of pine nuts
50 g of dried apricots
25 g of walnuts
35 g of granulated sugar
60 g of breadcrumbs
25 g of butter
100 g of apricot jam
50 g of rum
4 pince of cinnamon
175 g of sponge cake
Lemon zest to taste 
To finish:
50 g of whole egg
sugar to taste
cinnamon to taste

Apple strudel. For the dough: Mix flour, salt, olive oil and add the water little by little.Outputs an elastic dough. Put it in an oiled bowl and let rest, covered with foil, 1 hour and 30 'in the fridge. For the filling: Peel the apples, cut into wedges and place them in cold water. Drain and cut into thin slices. Put the sliced ​​apples in a bowl with sugar, apricot jam, pine nuts, chopped nuts, stir well and add all the crumbs of sponge cake, cinnamon, melted butter, raisins and apricots ( previously soaked in hot water), rum.Let marinate in refrigerator covering with foil until the apples are soft. In terms of work spread out a towel, spolverateci above the flour and put it on pasta, flour and other spolverateci over with a rolling pin roll it out gently until you obtain a thickness of about 1 mm.Now stretch the dough with your hands trying to give a square shape. Lay them on kitchen towel, sprinkle the surface with the breadcrumbs in the butter went over and above put seasoned and marinated apples, leaving on all sides 5 cm border to the strudel tightly.Roll up the dough, helping with the canvas and sealed with the egg. Put the strudel on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, brush the surface with beaten egg and sprinkle with sugar mixed with cinnamon. Bake at 180 degrees for 45 '. When the strudel is cooked you can polish it with jelly or sprinkle with powdered sugar. 
Recipe of 2012/01/18

(This recipe is Susan P. - New York)

Cones brisée paste, enriched with seasonal fruit , a real kindness.

Ingredients for 6 persons:

500 g brisée
mixed seasonal fruit
100 g of caster sugar
7 g of gelatin
juice of 1 / 2 lemon
1 glass of white wine
Powdered sugar q.b.
To decorate:
whipped Cream
Dark chocolate chips

With a circle of 11 cm pastry cutter cut out discs from the dough brisée. Wrap each disk around a conical object that can go in the oven. Moisten the dough and sprinklewith icing sugar. Bake in preheated oven at 190 ° C for 10-15 minutes. Softengelatin in cold water. Heat 2 liters of water with the sugar and lemon juice to a boil,add the gelatin and mix well. Remove from heat, strain, let cool and add the wine.Pour into a container plate and let cool. Cut the fruit into cubes, mix gelatin and thenuse it to stuff pasta brisée cones. Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate chips.
Recipe of 2012/01/18

- The recipes of: Nuxia's Menu but not only"

(This recipe is by NUXIA)

Quiche pastry stuffed with diced pear brisée and slices of provolone.
Ingredients for 6 persons:

500 Pasta brisée
1 egg
1 / 2 leaf 'Laurel
50 g of grated Grana Padano cheese
250 g of spicy provolone cheese
2 pears
2 tablespoons sliced ​​almonds
20 g butter
Salt and pepper
1 jar of yogurt is not too thick

Peel the pears, Peel and cut into cubes: let them seasoning in a pan with 20 g of butter and bay leaf. Add salt and pepper, remove bay leaves and set aside. Sliced ​​provolone. Combine in a bowl, the diced pear, yogurt, cheese and egg. Stir, season with salt and pepper. Line a mold with the dough brisée zipper, lay it on special paper enclosed in the package and cover the bottom with slices of provolone cheese, then pour the mixture of pear mixed with slices of provolone cheese andsprinkle over the remaining slices of almonds. Bake in a preheated oven at 190degrees for about 40 minutes
Recipe of 2012

Empanadas (Argentina)
(This recipe is Dolores- Buenos Aires- Argentina)
Brisée Pasta stuffed with ground beef, a dish of Argentina, but also spread throughout Latin America.

For the pastry empanadas of 10 with a diameter of 13 cm:
Approximately 125 ml warm water
250 grams of flour
2 tablespoons olive oil

5 grams of salt
For the filling:
250 grams of minced beef
250 g of onions
1 tablespoon fresh marjoram
2 tablespoons olive oilGreen olives (or black) pitted
1 teaspoon hot chili powder
1 tablespoon chopped parsley 
2 Medium Eggs
30 grams Raisins
Ingredients for frying:
Peanut oil or olive oil abound

Put in a bowl the flour and oil. Dissolve salt in warm water and then add also the ingredients in the bowl: mix first, leaving the mixture in the bowl, then transfer it onto a pastry board and knead until mixture is smooth and uniform, wrap in plastic wrap and let rest in a cool for at least an hour. Meanwhile prepare the filling by placing the empanadas to soak the raisins in warm water until it is soaked, then squeeze. Chop the onion and fry over low heat with the oil for at least 10-15 minutes. Add the minced beef and fry also for 10 minutes, then add the paprika and stir to mix well.Turn off the heat and add the raisins and then squeezed. Turn off the heat and add the chopped parsley, marjoram, and salt. Stir to blend all the flavors, transferred everything into a bowl and let cool. Meanwhile make firm two eggs and then peel and cut into cubes or slices. Divide into two olives. Remove dough and roll it out from the film to obtain a thickness of 2 mm, and then extracted ten circles with a diameter of 12-13 cm (in case you need to reshuffle the scraps and roll out the dough again). To get it, use a pastry cup pasta or resting on a bowl and cut the edges with a smooth-bladed cutter wheel. Place the center of the circle of dough a spoonful of meat, then add the two halves of an olive and a slice of egg. Brush edges with water, the circle of dough and close it on itself to form a crescent in such a way that the edges stick well. Roll up the edges to form a pretty string, or if you prefer to crush them with the tines of a fork Clear all the ingredients that produce about 10 empanadas fry in hot oil. Drain excess oil by placing the empanadas on paper towels and serve warm.

Recipe of 2012/01/20

(This recipe is Manu66)
Brisée pie dough stuffed with herbs, diced bacon, eggs and Parmesan cheese.

Ingredients for 6 persons:

500g Pasta brisée
q.b. Extra virgin olive oil
q.b. nutmeg
q.b. salt
q.b. pepper
60 g of grated Parmigiano Reggiano
3 spring onions
2 eggs
100 g bacon, diced
Beet greens 1 package Buitoni The Valley of the Gardens
1 clove of 'Garlic

Soak the herbs still frozen in a little boiling salted water and cook as directed on package. Meanwhile, sliced ​​onions and chopped garlic: fry in oil with 4 tablespoons of the bacon until golden this will be apparent. Drain the herbs, squeeze, chop finelyand add to the fried onion and bacon. Cook for 5 minutes, until the herbs arecompletely dry, season with salt, pepper and flavored with a sprinkling of nutmeg.Let the mixture cool and Incorporat eggs, beaten first with the Parmesan. Roll out the dough while still in its special brisée baking paper in a round pan, covering bottom and sides, pour the prepared stuffing and cover with the second disk of dough,folding the edges inward excess in order to get around an edge often well sealed.Brush the surface of oil and prick with a fork and bake in a preheated oven at 190degrees C -  380 F for about 25 minutes. Remove the cake from the oven, brush them again with an emulsion of oil and water and simmer for 20 minutes. Serve warm "erbazzone".
Recipe of 2012/01/19

(This recipe is by Nuxia)
Paste stuffed with Ricotta cheese, brisée with dandelion, marjoram, fennel and otherherbs cooked in the oven.

Ingredients for 4 people:

a bouquet of dandelions and a fennel
a sprig of mint
4 handfuls of basil
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2-3 sprigs of marjoram leaves
200 g of drained ricotta
q.b. salt

Wash under running water and dried in a paper towel dandelion and fennel.Recombine them in bunches, slice them and let them skip a couple of minutes over medium heat in a pan in which you have done warm 3 tablespoons of oil. Add thepepper and salt, cover, let simmer on low heat for 5 minutes, then let cool. Cutcheese into cubes and place in a bowl large enough. Wash the mint leaves, basiland marjoram, dry them in paper towels, and add to the scatter Quartirolo. Finally, add the herbs cooked well and mix it all together. Turn the oven to 200 degrees C - 400 F. 
Roll out the dough brisée, roll the puff pastry, olive oil and a spennellatenesovrapponetevi a second. Double sheet distributed on a cord made ​​of cheese, thenrolled up and brush with oil. Transfer the strudel with its baking paper on baking tray and bake for 20 minutes, let it cool slightly and cut into thick slices, removing the ends. Serve at once.
Recipe of 2012/01/18

(This recipe is from Imma S.)
An irresistible quiches, but above all easy to prepare. 


600 g Fennel 
300 g pasta brisée ready 
300 g cream of milk
200 g peeled prawns
100 g milk 
3 eggs 

Peel and cut the fennel slices and cook in microwave for 10 'to pot. max (or steam in a pressure cooker for 8 '). Beat together 3 eggs with the cream, milk, salt and pepper. Grease a pie dish with a diameter of 24 cm. Wrap it with pasta. Arrange on the bottom, radial, fennel and shrimp. Cover with the mixture of eggs, milk, and cream. Bake at 190 C - 380 F  'to 35'. 
Recipe of 2012/01/17

Quiche Lorraine (France)
(This recipe is by Nuxia)
This recipe is part of French cuisine, but it's a dish that is known for his goodness in the world.


Gruyere cheese 150 g
1 pinch nutmeg 
200 g bacon
300 ml cream
Pepe1 pinch
Salt to taste
1 whole egg plus 3 egg yolks
Pasta brisée

First prepare the dough and put it to compact brisée in the refrigerator for 40 minutes. Once ready, flour a work surface and roll out the dough very quickly, calculating that the circle of dough should cover the bottom of your pan, joining the edges and slightly oozing of about 2 cm. Butter, therefore, a non-stick pan or ceramic, and recline the circle of dough that you have previously laid out for it adhere well to the bottom and edges. At this point, trim the edges by cutting with a knife and finally with a fork, brisée Prick the pastry on the bottom of the pan. To cook the pasta in white cover with a sheet of baking paper to fill with dried leguminous vegetables (beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc ...) Put the pan in a preheated oven at 190 degrees for 15 minutes. I once spent 15 minutes, the quiche baked, remove the beans and greaseproof paper and brush the bottom with albumen. Then refit the quiche in the oven for another 5-10 minutes at 170 degrees so as to brown the bottom for good. Meanwhile cut the bacon into small cubes and let it burn for 10 minutes in boiling water, then drain and keep it from parte.Una extracted once the base of the quiche from the oven, place on the bottom of the grated cheese and diced bacon. Take the eggs in a bowl and whip together the cream, then add a pinch of nutmeg, a pinch of pepper, salt, and mix together until you get a cream that will pour into the pan to completely cover the other ingredients Bake the quiche lorraine at 170 degrees for about 15-20 minutes., Until it is golden in 'surface.Before serving the quiche lorraine let rest in pan for 10 minutes, thus preserving unity, it will be easier to cut it into slices.
Recipe of 2012/01/16

(This recipe is Ely 73)
Small quiches with asparagus and spinach, eggs and bacon in the oven.

Ingredients for 4 people:
350 g Pasta brisèq.b. 
Salt and Pepper to taste
Extra virgin olive oil
80 g of bacon
50 g of grated Parmigiano Reggiano
4 eggs
250 ml of cream
100 g of frozen peas
A chopped onion, carrot, celery, parsley

Peel, wash the zucchini and cut into cubes Heat a little oil and let skip the zucchini with the chopped vegetables and peas for about 10 minutes, then scented with marjoram leaves, remove from heat and let cool. Combined with the warm growing vegetables now. Roll out the dough and cut it into 4 rectangles brisée of 10x4 cm, have the center of each a spoonful of mixture to the vegetables and close to candy.Brush the dough with a little water, sprinkle with poppy seeds, and bake in a preheated oven at 190 ° C - 380 F, for about 15 minutes.
Recipe of 2012/01/13

(This recipe is Floriana)
Tart pastry stuffed with asparagus and smoked bacon accompanied by a 4 cheese cream sauce and asparagus.Ingredients for 6 persons:

Pasta brisè

1 pack of 4 Cheese Sauce
4 slices of smoked bacon
3 eggs
2 dl of cream of milk
a sachet of saffron
Salt and pepper to taste


Cut the asparagus into the final part of the washers and leave the tips whole. In a bowl beat the eggs with the cream, add half the cheese sauce, salt, pepper, saffron and mix well. With the dough, leaving a cake tin lined brisè its non-stick paper.Arrange the bacon on the bottom, then pour the egg mixture and cheese and arrange the asparagus with the tips directed radially towards the center of the quiche, leave aside the slices of asparagus. Bake at 200 degrees  C - 400° F, for half an hour.Meanwhile, transferred into the mixer of apsaragi washers and 4 cheese sauce and mix well to obtain a cream. Heat the cream before serving the quiche into wedges with the accompanying sauce with asparagus.
Recipe of 2012/01/13

(This recipe is Filomena)
Brisée pastry pie stuffed with ham and paprika Reblochon cheese, flavored with chives, a real treat for the palate.

Ingredients for 8 people:
230g of pasta brisè
1 dl of cream
1 yolk
3 eggs
220 g of Reblochon cheese, very soft
150 g of cooked ham sliced ​​thick 
a pinch paprika
a pinch salt
Pepper a pinch


Roll out the disc of dough on cutting board brisée, leaving him in his special baking paper. Sprinkle with half teaspoon of paprika passed through a colander, sprinkle over 2 tablespoons chopped chives out and share over a rolling pin, gently press it to the dough to incorporate both the paprika chives. Then with the dough-lined bottom and sides of a mold hinged, recline on a sheet of baking paper, cover with dried beans and bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees - 400 F, for 15 minutes, the oven and remove paper and beans. Meanwhile, cut the cheese into thin slices. Spread the dough on the bottom slices of ham, slices of cheese over the recline and sprinkle with chopped chives. In a bowl beat the eggs with the cream, milk, salt and pepper. Pour the mixture over the cake and bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees - 400° F, for about 40 minutes. Remove from the oven, let stand for 5 minutes and serve.
Recipe of 2012/01/13


(This recipe of Mesha)
Pumpkin cheese cake served on a pastry base and coated with gelatin brisée broccoli.

Ingredients for 4 people:350 g of pasta brisè
1 Egg
30 g of gratedboiledfour sheets of gelatin
250 g Mascarpone or Ricotta 
1 sprig of Dill
1 dl of milk
Salt to taste


Roll out the dough and brush brisée with beaten egg, sprinkle with parmesan and cook in oven at 200 ° C  - 400 F, for about 15 minutes, the oven and, while the pastry is still warm, cut with a cutter discs of 4-6 cm in diameter. Meanwhile, prepare the mousse: whisk the pumpkin is still warm with 2 sheets of gelatin soaked and squeezed, 100 g and 100 g of mascarpone cheese, salt and pepper. Prepare the cheese mousse: Mix the rest of the ricotta and mascarpone cheese, chopped dill and hot milk, in which you have melted 2 sheets of gelatin, and a pinch of salt. Prepare gelatin with broccoli: Dissolve in 2 liters of water soaked and squeezed the jelly, add broccoli and stir a few tops. Place a disc on the bottom of a cutter brisée, pour the pumpkin mousse, then the cheese and then cover each cheesecake with a spoonful of jelly with broccoli. Repeat until you run out the ingredients. Place the cheesecake to cool in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, until they are compact, then sformateli.
Recipe of 2012/01/13

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